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As we enter our winter of content

Musings by Chris and Photos by Jim It’s best not to jump to conclusions, but our time is limited and… Continue reading »

100 questions and counting

Musings by Chris and Photos by Jim I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Probably too much. Ekhart Tolle offers: “How… Continue reading »

No bones about it

I was shocked when I learned I was borderline osteoporosis. When the second test results came in five years later I… Continue reading »

You too can live your happiness quotient

Musings by Chris and Photos by Carol and Hannah I’m feeling embarrassed. It happened twice in the past week where… Continue reading »

Putting the key in the ignition

There are so many choices, sometimes too many to have at any one time. As problems go, it is a delightful one…. Continue reading »

Fortuitous dates – NEW workshops and more

Information about NEW workshops below It’s so easy to escape into a vortex of cyber surrealism and forget to look up and… Continue reading »

Finding truth

What’s at the heart of our being? What drives us? What delivers us? What places us in the crosswalk of… Continue reading »

Be a part of my upcoming book

BIG NEWS My upcoming book, Rawsome Retirement on the Road, is looking for stories about retirement. I have but one,… Continue reading »

On the road again

Musings by Chris and Photos by Jim I don’t do well with sitting still. Must be a hangover from the… Continue reading »

How does your garden grow?

Musings by Chris and Photos by Jim I’ve been immersing myself in some meditation tapes of late, finding my centre,… Continue reading »